Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why Links Must Function Correctly In New York Web Design

By Arthur Williams

Have you ever clicked on a link, only to be directed to a 404 or error page? This is a direct result of said link being broken, which can hurt even the strongest New York web design efforts. Why are these links so crucial to fix, though? Why should designers hone in on these problems so that they're accounted for as soon as possible? Hopefully the following information will give you a better understanding as to how broken links hurt this endeavor.

New York web design agencies can tell you that inactive or broken links take away from the overall user experience. Let's say that someone clicks on a link, only to be led to an entirely different section than expected. Not only does this create inconsistency, but it can ensure that the user will not come back again. This is just one of many concerns that, fortunately, companies like Avatar New York can help prevent.

Another way that broken links can hurt is with a loss in traffic. Even though one user being turned away seems like no big deal, multiple people having the same poor user experience adds up. What this means is that your traffic will continue to decrease until you start to see little to no movement on your site. If you want to keep your users around for the long term, you'd be wise to fix any links that lead to error pages.

Perhaps the most important reason to fix your links is due to SEO. For those that don't know - and your local fishbat Internet marketing company will say the same - broken links are noted by Google and other search engines. If there's even a single dead link on your website, its ability to rank for certain terms will decrease. This can be remedied, however, provided these errors are corrected in a timely fashion.

While these are important reasons to fix your links, understand that they are just a few. You can learn much by consulting a New York web design specialist, seeing as how they have most likely experienced this sort of problem in the past. However, despite how detrimental said problem is to one's web design efforts, it can be corrected. It's a simple matter of how much attention is kept on links, particularly those that fail to function as they should.

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