Thursday, July 13, 2017

4 Benefits Of Single Page Websites Related To Long Island SEO

By Arthur Williams

Single page websites are nothing new on the Internet. As a matter of fact, there are many businesses that have shifted their sites in order to adopt the practices that are commonly linked to them. Long Island SEO specialists will tell you to create your own single page site so that you can grab more people, theoretically resulting in more clients reaching your page as well. The following 4 benefits should encourage you to take this plunge.

One of the reasons Long Island SEO companies recommend single page sites is their ease of use. You won't have to click around different subpages, which can be taxing for even the most patient user. Instead, all of the crucial information that you need can be found on a single page. All one has to do is scroll down in order to absorb everything. This makes the user experience easier, not to mention more rewarding to boot.

Another reason to focus on single page sites is how responsive they are. To be more specific, numerous devices are used to access the Internet these days. When different websites are accessed, it would make sense for users to have similar experiences across different platforms. Fortunately, single page sites transfer quite well. Seeing as how Google and other search engines focus on mobile-friendliness, this is another talking point that matters.

Another perk of single page sites, believe it or not, is that many of them are text-heavy. This is great for the purposes of SEO, as search engines hone in on content that is rich with keywords and overall quality alike. The more valuable a piece of content is, the better its chances of ranking become. Anyone that specializes in SEO, names like included, will tell you that text matters for any website that's created.

Lastly, there's a considerable amount of customization to consider when it comes to single page websites. While there's plenty of freedom, there is such a thing as going overboard. After all, too many pictures and videos on a site like this can reduce performance, meaning that engagement and traffic can decrease. Despite the aforementioned freedom, web developers must prioritize overall performance above all else.

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